Share your gender-related events with the EuroGender Network!

Dear EuroGender members, 

The instructions below are meant to help you publicise the gender-related events you are or your institution is organising. Sharing your events in EuroGender is a five-minute task, benefits the entire EuroGender Network and raises visibility of your event. As a rule, all Eurogender events are displayed on EIGE website as well and are further highlighted on EIGE's Twitter followers and on EIGE's Newsletter. 

To post your events on EuroGender, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you sign in (your name appears on the upper left corner). If you don't have an EuroGender account, register here.
  • Choose Event from the upper right  +Create menu


Fill in the event title and -  as a rule - all compuslory fields marked with *You can also add a brief description of the event.


You can upload cover image by clicking Choose File and Upload.

Please make sure that the image is in the formats listed below and not bigger than 8 MB!


Enter information on VenueRegistration and Timezone.

If you enable Registation, then Eurogender members can register to the event themselves by clicking Join the EuroGender event button OR you can invite them!

Note that chosing Event Registration allows you to invite EuroGender members to event! You can later filter the type of member you want to invite: individual, organizations or both as well as filter by country.



Enter the Address of the event.


Provide a link to your event page into External url box. You can also enter Keywords to make your event easier to find.


Click Save in the end.

Your event will be published in Eurogender Calendar, but you will still be able to further edit the post if needed.

If you are not an EuroGender member, click here to register first.

For further information do not hesitate to contact EuroGender Team at: 

 We thank you for making gender equality a reality!