Young Leaders Voices Project - Calls for Suggestions and Contributions

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I am a young communications professional from Italy but based in Brussels passionate about EU and International affairs.

I am writing to you because I came up with the idea of interviewing young leaders (politicians, changemakers, activists...) from all over the world and from different backgrounds and political views. The interviews should be published as different series focusing on specific topics representing opposite sides of a story (right/left; industry representative/climate activist...) and should be mostly video interviews. The name of the project is "Young Leaders' Voices".

I decided to start the project with various young politicians interviewing them on the impact of COVID on youth and the political world response to the matter. The first series is called "Youth and Covid Talks". I have recently published two videos of the series "Youth and Covid Talks", you can find them here and the homepage of the website here.

Moreover, I would like to make one of the next series on "Young Women in Politics".  What do you think about it? Is there any among you who could be interested in helping me to advance this series?

Thanks a lot for your time!