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*** Advancing #GenderEquality through and in the #Trade Agenda ***

Over the last years, gender equality and women #empowerment has been grappled with domestic and international trade in different frameworks.

SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation Professor Elisa Fornalé's WTI Summer Academy course explores the potential of the trade-gender nexus in accelerating the path to gender equality and to influence gendered structures that embrace the distributions of economic resources.

Alongside Prof. Fornalé, lecturers will include: Prof. Barnali Choudhury, Dr. Anoush der Boghossian, Prof. Sara De Vido and Prof. Paola Profeta

The course will be offered online and will take place from 5 - 9 July 2021.

Apply for the course TODAY and take part in a fantastic learning experience. All details are on our website.