Why Is Gender Equality Important?

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Gender Equality is very important nowadays. Women deserve equality. Women deserve receiving good education. Also, women deserve to be educated. I strongly disagree if there's a country that has a policy which doesn’t allow their girls citizen to attend school or to get access to education. Education is our needs. No matter you're a boy or a girl but still, your rights are the same. Education don't see both sexes. In addition, women also have a power to change the world, have a power to give opinions, and to share what they feel about something.

That's why Gender Equality must be achieved. Besides that, i'm so heartbroken if I see there's a woman who get a violence. The way I see it, it's a social crisis among us. Women don't need a violence! I think, gender equality is a goal to make this whole wide world knows that actually we all have the same rights to change the world. In sums, GENDER EQUALITY is very meaningful. Let's we together standing for women's rights and say no to VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN !!!