Why Is Gender Equality Important?

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Gender Equality is very important at nowadays. It's because women have to deserve an equal things as same as the men. Such as, EDUCATION, RIGHTS, and many more. Women are worth it to receive the good education. Not only men who must be educated, but also the women are worth it to receive it. I really disagreed if there's a country or a policy that put the rule for their women citizens are not allowed to get an education. It's very awful. Education is our obligation. Whether you're a boy or a girl but still, your rights are same. Also, education don't see either boys or girls are you. Women also can get a good education, and women also have a power to change the world, for giving an opinion, and sharing what they feel about something.

That's why Gender Equality must be appeared. Besides that, i'm so heartbroken if I see there's a woman who got a violence. The way I see it, it's a social crisis among us. But, the real men must be respect to women. They'll give an affections, a patience, and always guide the women towards the best way in life. Women don't need a violence! And, women have their own power to refuse that, either. It's a bad thing if it still goes constantly. Indeed, women also have their own obligation to men which won't be throw it away from our lives. And every woman have to do their obligations sincerely.

The obligations and destinies are :
1. Women must be entering the pregnancy phase
2. Women will become a mother
3. Women must be giving their own children a breast milk
4. Women must still always be respect to their husband no matter what happens.
5. Etc..

I think, gender equality is a goal to make this whole wide world knows that actually women are also have their rights to change the world and women need an education. In sums, GENDER EQUALITY is very meaningful. Let's we together standing for women's rights and say no to VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN !!!


Written By : Raina Shafaa