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“Our main concern in increasing the safety of domestic violence survivors is that more men need to be able to recognize their violent behaviour and know whom to ask for help.” – Alessandra Pauncz, WWP EN Executive Director

On 25 November, the European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN) is officially launching the 2018 “Responsible Together” Perpetrator Work Campaign which aims to promote responsible perpetrator work as a crucial component of coordinated interventions against gender-based violence.

The 2018 WWP EN “Responsible Together” Perpetrator Work Campaign serves as a symbol and a promise to continue the support of gender equality and non-violence through responsible perpetrator work based on safety, accountability and cooperation. Our campaign provides information on perpetrator work, and identifies, clarifies and eliminates misconceptions about perpetrator programmes through activities organised by 18 member organisations from 10 countries throughout the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. The campaign aims to start a dialogue on the crucial role of perpetrator programmes in the work against gender-based violence. It highlights the need for responsible perpetrator programmes and not only responds to fears expressed by support services for (ex-)partners, but also engages the public in reflections on the extent and scope of gender-based violence in hopes to effectively contribute to a collaborate effort in achieving gender equality and combatting violence against women and girls.

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WWP EN is a European network with 55 members from 28 countries, which promotes capacity building, as well as information sharing and the exchange of good practices between organisations working with perpetrators and survivors of violence. The focus of WWP EN is violence perpetrated by men against women and children.