Successful completion of the working visit of the EIGE delegation in Greece with the support of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (Athens, 8-9/6/2017)

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Following our fruitful cooperation,  I would like to inform you that the two-day working visit of a delegation from the European Institution for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Greece (Athens, 8-9/6/2017) was completed successfully with the valuable contribution of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE), i.e. the governmental organization in charge of equality between women and men in Greece.
More specifically:
On Thursday 8/6/2017 the GSGE and the EIGE jointly organized a conference entitled "Supporting the advancement of gender equality: the work of EIGE":
The event took place at the auditorium of the General Secretariat for Media & Communication and it included the following four key sessions:
- EIGE's work to promote advancement of gender equality and support policy makers: findings from recent researches
- EIGE's tools to promote advancement of gender equality: the Gender Equality Index and the Gender Statistics Database
- Panel discussion: advancing gender equality in Greece - main challenges, policies and possible contribution from EIGE
- EIGE's work on gender-based violence.
Undoubtedly, the conference served as an ideal opportunity for the specialised European agency to make the Greek stakeholders associated with the issue of gender equality get familiar with its multifarious work.
On Friday 9/6/2017 the EIGE delegation joined a comprehensive programme of study visits and networking with the following structure, carefully prepared by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality:
a) interview at the TV channel of the Hellenic Parliament
b) participation at the ad hoc session of the Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Equality, Youth and Human Rights
c) bilateral meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament (here is the link from the website of the Hellenic Parliament with four photos of high resolution from that meeting with the participation of key female parliamentarians and other dignitaries in political decision-making:
d) visit of the new exhibition of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation on Parliamentarism and Democracy on the feminist movement in Greece during the period 1974-1990
e) bilateral meeting with the Secretary General for Gender Equality at the GSGE premises
f) bilateral meeting with the Secretary General for Transparency and Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights.
On Monday 12/6/2017 the General Secretariat for Gender Equality issued a press release in Greek on the outcome of the EIGE visit in our country, which was disseminated to an extensive list of recipients all over Greece: Hellenic Parliament, Independent Authorities (e.g. the Greek Ombudsman and the National Commission for Human Rights), Ministries, academic institutions, NGOs, as well as the Mass Media:
Here is an indicative list from the websites from Greek Mass Media with the relevant articles on the EIGE visit:
In that way, further promotion and greater visibility of the substantive role of the European Institute for Gender Equality on the advancement of the status of women and the promotion of equality between women and men in the European Union and beyond have been achieved by the initiative of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality.