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Peace needs women. More and fast.

Join our campaign start on October 22nd to give a shout-out to women who inspired you in Peace and Security

End of October is the 20th anniversary of UN resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and we want to use this opportunity to celebrate the many women active in the field, as well as to shed light on the structural problems that persist until today. 

Towards this end, I, Member of European Parliament  Hannah Neumann, initiated the global online campaign #SHEcurity in cooperation with the Allbright Foundation, the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, the Munich Security ConferenceSouthern VoiceWIIS Global and many more). It consists of a Twitter/Instagram campaign as well as the subsequent launch of an index that takes stock of where we are today. 

We would be very happy if you could join our efforts by helping us kick-start the online campaign under the hashtag #SHEcurity on October 22nd. It needs no more than one tweet and/or Instagram post championing a woman that inspired you in the field and a second one endorsing some of your colleagues to do the same (for more information, please click here). Let’s make sure the 20th anniversary of resolution 1325 does not go unnoticed! 


Best regards, 

Hannah Neumann