Serbia - the first EU candidate country to produce a Gender Equality Index

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Today, 2 February 2016, Serbia launches its Gender Equality Index, based on the methodology EIGE has developed for EU Member States. Serbia is the first non-EU country to reach this milestone. Serbia’s overall score would place it in 22nd position if the country were an EU Member State. With a score of 40.6 points out of 100 Serbia is almost half way towards gender equality. In comparison, the EU average is 52.9.

However, Serbia’s gender equality record varies across the domains monitored. On gender equality in decision-making, Serbia ranks among the top ten EU Member States.  The Index also highlights other areas where further efforts are needed. For Serbia, as with most other EU Member States the important challenge is to break the tradition of what are typically considered masculine or feminine professions and to make working conditions more family-friendly.

The Gender Equality Index was first launched by EIGE in 2013 to monitor the progress in gender equality across the EU and over time. The Index provides a single summary measure and allows for assessment of the level of gender equality in each of its six core domains – Work, Money, Knowledge, Time, Power, and Health. While the Index is a sophisticated statistical and analytical tool, it presents complex data in a user-friendly and easy to understand way. It is updated every two years and the third edition is forthcoming in 2017.

You can download or access the relevant press release. The Twitter hashtag we use is #EIGEIndex  and we are posting on Facebook.

For more information, you can contact our colleague: Kristaps Petermanis, Coordinator of Cooperation with EU Accession Countries, part of EIGE Delegation participating to the Serbian Index launch.


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February, 2016