Multisectoral Academic Programme to prevent and combat Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (MAP-FGM)

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The Multisectorial Academic Program to prevent and combat female Genital Mutilation (FGM/C) is an innovative project aimed at raising awareness, knowledge and skills of future professionals in contact with possible victims of FGM/C in the European Union. For this purpose, a pluridisciplinary team of professors and researchers have developped a Mutilsectorial Academic Training Guide available in 6 languages.

The pluridisciplinary drafting methodology adopted has lead to a multiperspective academic manual aimed at developping critical, gender and culture-sensitive thinking around FGM/C as well as practical recommendations stemming from experience of work with women and girls who have undergone FGM/C, their families, the community and profesionnals.

As well, an integrated and adapted course on FGM/C has been inserted into curricula of Medicine, Nursery, Midwifery, Law, Social Work, Education and International Development in five pilot Universities of four European countries (Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, Roma Tre and Fondazzones Angelo Celi in Italy, ISCTE-IUL in Portugal and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos y Fundación Wassu-UAB in Spain). At least 500 university students will receive an integral training to effectively prevent and protect girls and women against on FGM/C.

Finally, as a broader objective, members of academic community, professors, researchers, public administration and NGOs workers have also increased their expertise on FGM/C through international seminars hold in Madrid, Brussel, Lisbon and Roma, and organized with the cooperation of researchers based in countries of origin.

The proccedings of these seminars are available on the webpage and have been published, in order to share and disseminate academic researches on the subject.  

The webpage of the project (, 3-monthly newsletters and a video-spot with subtitles in 6 languages also contribute to out-reach a wider public and promote insertion of FGM/C into academic curricula.

The project is lead by Gender Equality Observatory of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and funded by the DG JUST of the European Commission.