Mini Midi MEF

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Launched in December 2011 with the aim of reconciling home life and work, the “Mini*Midi*Mef: Spazio Ragazzi” is a both a recreational and a supervision service, for employee’s children aged between four and twelve years old. This service operates during school holidays (e.g. Easter, Christmas or summer holidays, August excluded).
There are two fundamental characteristics of this service: self-financing and repeatability.
It’s previously established that participants pay a symbolic fee for both internal and external services. Thanks to this contribution, the service is able to self-financed.
Due to the way it has been designed, Mini*Midi*Mef can be easily adapted to different circumstances and this is one
of the reasons why this service has been awarded many prizes.
The example has been developed consistently with EIGE's approach on good practices in the area of reconciliation of work, family and private life.



Publication Date

January, 2016