Join the multinational conference and networkmeeting! _Girls* specific youth education international

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This conference offers the chance to discuss and develop approaches of feminist girls* specific youth education on international level. Experts from Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany and Italy will deliver lectures and workshops on key aspects like living conditions for females in different European countries, intersectional approaches to girls* work or transpositive youth education.

Staffmembers, feminist activists, stakeholders and multipliers of out of school education will meet, get to know each other and discuss with each other. Moreover there will be the possibility to get in touch with possible project partners and to develop new project ideas for international girls* specific youth education.

If you are already working in the field of girls*specific youth education in pedagogical fields, as a multiplier or are an interested staff of an institution dealing with topics like gender equality, feminism, girls*work or education and if you are identifying yourself as female* feel welcome to apply for the conference. Also teachers (high school), who are interested in gender sensitive pedagogy focusing on female empowerment are warmly invited.