Invitation: Femspace - Talks on Leadership | Women Leading Forward/Global Shaper

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Dear EuroGender Community,

We are Women Leading Forward, a project group of the Global Shapers Düsseldorf Hub e.V. and would like to invite you to our new event series 
"Femspace - Talks on Leadership" starting on Thursday September 23rd at 7.30 pm CET
Femspace - Talks on Leadership
01 - Passionate & Objective Leadership 
Free registrations on eventbrite: Femspace - Talks on Leadership | Eventbrite
This new series will celebrate female leaders in diverse fields by promoting female leadership in all branches of life through storytelling and community building. 
Our vision is to give exposure to more women that to us are absolute leaders, contributing to the progress of the SDGs, number 5 and 10, and by consequence 
showing that everyone can be a leader for society, by being a leader for themselves first. 
We invite two speakers for each event to share their vision and respective leadership style, showing different characteristics and approaches to the meaning of leadership. 
We want to show our community that there is a leader in everyone, by standing up for what you believe in, by following your calling and fighting obstacles such as bias or stereotypical norms. 
Inspiring each other to dare to be our true selves will bring change in people's way of thinking and by consequence contribute to more gender equality and 
reduce other intersectional forms of inequality as well. We are always interested in collaborating with like-minded individuals and initiatives to contribute to more gender equality.
Enclosed in this email, you will find our booklet about who we are and what we do as well as an announcement poster with our speakers.
We would be honoured to have you join this conversation and are looking forward to hearing from you. 
Best regards,

Jamil Osso

External Communications