International Day for Girls and Women in ICT - Slovak Republic - Replacement Date due to COVID - 8th October 2020

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This initiative is an example of our revived efforts to form partnerships in which public sector is taking leadership and ownership, over established activities of e.g. NGOs in the domains of public interest (such as gender equality), and reaching out to high school girls and sending a message to IT companies community in the Slovak Republic that we understand that there is an issue, and we are here to analyse the root cause/s of the problem and offer effective measures leveraging the international resources, and knowledge of the best case practices. 

We are particularly happy about the fact, that despite the coronavirus crisis that scuppered our original date of 23rd April 2020 and offline event, we managed to get this event live and it is happening on 8th October 2020. 

We demonstrated agility and offer a 90 minute online introduction into AI agenda of our Ministry, led by Jana Novohradska.