The Innovation Centre for Women #GIL4W in Greece

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On 16-4-2021 Ms. Maria Syrengela, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Affairs announced the creation of the "Innovation Center for Women - # GIL4W" (official press release in Greek:

The initiative aims at:

i) the thematic cooperation between governmental and social actors and market participants and

ii) their commitment that the adoption of technology and innovation will not increase social and economic inequality.

Its creation will be based on the United Nations model for Sustainable Development, while the ECWT organization will cooperate for its development through the transfer of know-how from the respective application in Norway.

It is underlined that the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) is a European multi-stakeholder partnership of more than 130 organizations and a rapidly growing member of individuals representing high-level expertise in women and technology development from government, business, academia, and non-profit sectors working together to measurably and significantly increase the number of girls and women in technology and ICT in specific:

The initiative aims, inter alia, at:

1) the design of innovative actions that will enhance the attraction of more women to study in STEM and will aim to increase their participation in companies, which will be based on research and innovation

2) the creation of a platform for the development of entrepreneurship that will be based on high technology, creating the conditions for equal participation in the new environment formed by the continuous development of technology and giving special emphasis to female talent

3) assessing the impact of gender-based policies.