The inauguration of the Greek Innovation Lab for Women #GIL4W

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On Friday 11-2-2022 the Greek Innovation Lab for Women #GIL4W started its official operation (the press release in Greek: and in English:


#GIL4W will create a space where members can share tools, lessons learned, business bases and rapidly push forward innovative practices. They are encouraged to set their own specific targets to:


1) make a high-level corporate commitment to adopt a gender-responsive approach to innovation


2) design innovations that include women as service and innovation providers as well as end users


3) adapt implementation approaches to ensure innovations meet the needs of women


4) evaluate gender-responsive impacts by using a data-driven approach


5) scale innovations that provide sustainable solutions to meet the needs of women and girls.


#GIL4W is open to any private or public actor, academia and non-profit actor that shares the objectives and purposes of the #GIL4W pledge and desires to provide an added value. According to the #GIL4W signed MoU, it is supervised by the Cabinet of the Deputy Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and is hosted at the premises of Athena Research & Innovation Center in Information Communication & Knowledge Technologies:


For further information on the approach, the pillars and the action plan, you can access the #GIL4W website in English: