Help us improve the gender statistics database

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Dear RDC Partners,

EIGE’s  Gender Statistics Database provides EU-wide, comparable and reliable gender statistics. Launched in February 2016, the Database is more than a policy-monitoring tool, it is a one stop source to gender statistics data in the EU.

Committed to providing up-to-date statistics, the Database is a dynamic tool.  Its update - in terms of features and content - is an ongoing process.  Therefore, we would like to reflect  your feedback in the upcoming update. 

Have you used EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database? If yes, what areas of the database should we update? Did you use the search functions? How well did they work? What additional data sources should we consider?  

Fill-in our 5-minute  user survey and help us make the Database an even more relevant tool for you!

Also, please don’t hesitate to forward the survey to your users,

Kind Regards,