Greek legislation on quota in favour of women’s participation in decision making in sports

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On 18 September 2020, a new law on provisions in the field of sports was published in the Government Gazette (Law 4276, Nr of the Gazette 181/A/18-9-2020). Special provision has been taken in favor of women’s participation in decision making in sports clubs/associations.

More specifically:

  • Article 2  is clearly stating that in relation to the composition of the management board of the sports clubs, the number of candidates from each gender/sex must be at least equal to the 1/3 of the number of the vacant seats for election, including the seat of the president/head of the management board.
  • The wording in Greek is the following: “ο αριθμός των υποψηφίων από κάθε φύλο πρέπει να είναι τουλάχιστον ίσος με το ένα τρίτο (1/3) του αριθμού των προς εκλογή θέσεων, συνυπολογιζόμενης και αυτής του προέδρου”.

So, Greece is included among the EU Member States which follow the path of the positive measure of quota aiming at the increase of female participation in decision making.