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During the past years gender equality and research institutions in european countries developed standard criteria for gender trainings.The project is led by the Lower Austrian Government and funded by the Erasmus+ programme. 

From now on the curriculum portfolio GenderStrat can be used. It contains a series of  quality criteria for the training of trainers in the field of gender equality, setting standards within Europe. It is available for managers of european programmes and funds, municipalities and training facilities, which hold key positions for knowledge transfer. Due to its modular structures the curriculum can be used as an individual tool also in other areas of training. It represents a valuable basic concept  for the transfer of knowledge concerning gender equality.

European strategic partnership: Lower Austrian government, Center for Gender Equality Iceland, Center for Equality Advancement, Lithuania, Center for Education, Counselling and Research and Center for Women´s Studies,, Croatia 


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Maria Rigler


Maria Rigler

Publication Date

June, 2016