Gender balance in corporate boardrooms in IPA beneficiaries: Statistical Note - October 2020

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EIGE’s data on women and men in decision-making positions in the largest listed companies were most recently updated in October 2020 and cover 712 companies, 72 of which were registered in the EU candidate countries and the potential candidates benefitting from support under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, henceforth “IPA beneficiaries”.

This note analyses the current situation, trends and developments in the gender balance amongst key decision-makers in large corporations in the IPA beneficiaries compared to the EU Member States. Five IPA beneficiary countries that have a stock exchange and a blue-chip index of major companies (i.e. Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina) are reviewed. 

The Statistical Note can be found and downloaded under "Resources" tab. 

The latest data is available from EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database.