Free resources for teachers, students and parents to tackle sexism and sexual harassment in schools

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UK Feminista has developed a free online resource hub for teachers, students and parents on tackling sexism: 

The student section of the hub features various tools to help students take action to tackle sexism, including a campaign planner and a guide on how to set up a feminist group.

The teacher section of the hub provides comprehensive guidance and resources to enable schools to implement a whole school approach to tackling sexism. The resources include:

·         A whole school approach audit tool  
·         A template whole school action plan
·         Policy integration guide
·         Classroom activities on gender stereotyping, sexist language and sexual harassment 
·         Practical tips for secondary and primary school teachers on tackling sexism in the classroom

Why do teachers need support and training on how to tackle sexism? 

Research by UK Feminista and the National Education Union, published in “It’s just everywhere”: A study on sexism in schools and how we tackle it, reveals: 

- Sexism and sexual harassment are commonplace in schools:

·  Over a third (37%) of girls in mixed-sex secondary schools have been sexually harassed. 

·   A quarter (25%) of secondary school teachers say they witness gender stereotyping and discrimination in their school on a daily basis. 

- Teachers report feeling ill-equipped to tackle sexism in the classroom:

·  Just one in five (20%) secondary school teachers has received training in recognising and tackling sexism as part of their Initial Teacher Education.

·  Over half (64%) of secondary school teachers are unsure or not aware of the existence of any policies and practices in their school related to preventing sexism.