CrowdEquality - The first pan-European idea crowdsourcing platform for promoting gender equality and diversity

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Have you ever noticed the lack of women in academia, especially in leading positions? Are you aware of gender imbalances existing at Information Sciences and Technology research institutions and their far-reaching negative consequences?

Information Sciences and Technology belong to the research sectors most affected by gender inequalities at all levels. The EU-funded project EQUAL‑IST (“Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions”) strives to bring gender balance to IST research institutions around Europe by implementing a unique approach.

Seven IST research institutions from Northern, Southern, Central, and Eastern European countries participating in the EQUAL-IST project have committed to design and implement tailored Gender Equality Plans. After collecting statistics on gender distribution at all levels, as well as gender equality indicators, the research institutions conducted internal gender audit process to reveal the specific challenges related to gender equality that they currently face.

We do not want to keep our findings in a small circle. We would like to know your opinion to help us find the best ideas to tackle the identified internal challenges.

Are you up to the challenge to help promoting gender equality in research institutions around Europe?

We invite you contribute to the CrowdEquality platform that is aimed at collecting ideas and triggering discussions about promising initiatives for promoting gender equality and diversity.

CrowdEquality facilitates the participatory co-design of tailored Gender Equality Plans for each of the participating research institutions, but also strives to be an inclusive community that empowers men and women all over the world to freely discuss the issues of gender equality in research institutions.

The crowdsourcing process follows the Ideation, Review, Voting, and Implementation phases.

The goal of the 1st Ideation phase that has already started is to brainstorm and discuss all possible ideas addressing the identified challenges. You can contribute to it by the end of April by leaving ‘Likes’ and comments to the ideas you find promising and the challenges you find important.

Please register to start contributing. Your comments will be reviewed and considered on a weekly basis by the platform local moderators.

Why can it be interesting for you?

  • Learn what gender equality challenges exist at research institutions around Europe and express your own perception about them.
  • Share your opinion about the ideas to tackle these challenges.
  • Explore your own conscious & unconscious biases.
  • Influence the formation of internal gender policies at research institutions around Europe.

The most active users will be invited for an interview that will be published in the project online communication channels.

Watch the current gender distribution at each university, here.

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Vasiliki Moumtzi

ViLabs, Thessaloniki, Greece (Coordinator)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 710549.