Conference on the Protocol of Cooperation for female refugees and their children in Greece away from SGBV (General Secretariat for Gender Equality, Athens, 5-4-2017)

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Athens, 30-3-2017              To: - EIGE.
Dear Colleagues,
Following our fruitful cooperation and the recent publication of the 2016 Report on Equality between Women and Men in the European Union (European Commission, Brussels, March 2017),  I would like to inform you that the good practice by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE), i.e. the governmental organization in charge of equality between women and men in Greece, on page 43 of the EC Report is in full development: .
Here is the extract from the EC document in italics:

In Greece, the General Secretariat for Gender Equality at the Ministry of Interior has guaranteed a number of places at the Hostels of the National Network of Structures against gender-based violence for female refugees and their children through an institutionalized Protocol of Cooperation with eight competent Ministries, Public Agencies and Local Authorities, so that the integration process becomes smoother  for the vulnerable female population facing multiple discrimination.

So, on the 5th of April, 2017 the GSGE is organizing a Conference aiming at the dissemination of the specific Protocol of Cooperation and awareness-raising among competent stakeholders and citizens on the identity of our policy in favour of female refugees and their children in Greece without sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). It is underlined that the Protocol has been signed by the following nine public agencies in total:

1) General Secretariat for Gender Equality (Coordinator of the initiative)

2) Ministry of National Defence

3) General Secretariat of Reception

4) General Secretariat for Public Health

5) Research Center for Gender Equality (KETHI - an institution supervised by the Ministry of Interior)

6) Association of Greek Regions

7) Central Union of Municipalities

8) National Centre for Social Solidarity

9) Hellenic Agency for Local Development & Local Government.

Here is the promotional material in English from our website:

a) invitation

b) programme

Finally, the GSGE and its Director for Development & Support of Policies on Gender Equality are expressing once more their deep appreciation to the Gender Equality Unit of the European Commission/DG Justice & Consumers for including the distinctive Greek policy in the 2016 Annual Report on Equality between Women and Men in the European Union (March 2017).

The Greek side would be grateful if you informed your leadership and the officials of the competent administrative units accordingly.
Wishing you and all the members of your team the very best,    

   Yours sincerely,

Dimosthenis TREMOS -