ANTIGONE TEST in search of the missing girl_By Elli Papakonstantinou & ODC Ensemble

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We are ODC Ensemble: a UNESCO-awarded feminist theatre company who collaborate with international women and female identifying artists.

In these difficult and strange days of global emergency, we found ourselves fighting against timeless patriarchy and seclusive impositions by reuniting digitally and creating a new form of inclusiveness and art. We believe it’s important to share our creative fight with more and more people, especially in these times of home isolation. 

As the lockdown due to Covid-19  has given a dramatic rise to domestic violence, we find this is an impellent moment for our voice to be heard.

Just like women before us, we make art in seclusion. Only this time, seclusion is no longer a feminine condition. Starting from this, we created the “theatre of seclusion”: a new performative method, where we develop live performance in the different homes of the participants who join their voices to create a unique domestic audiovisual and interactive experience. Thanks to this method we created ANTIGONE TEST | in search of the missing girl, a gender oriented digital performance designed specifically for the ZOOM platform and performed in English, Greek, and Swedish with English supertitles, by Swedish, Italian and Greek female identifying artists.

We make use of a completely new performative language to draw attention and bring forth issues that can no longer be ignored under the pretence of “normalcy”.


About the project: 


ANTIGONE TEST is directed by the internationally acclaimed director Elli Papakostantinou and based on the play “Traces of Antigone” written by the radical feminist Swedish playwrighter, Christina Ouzounidis, which draws for the ancient Greek myth of Antigone in order to explore the themes of gender violence and gender construction using a unique poetic language. 

Our premiere is on Monday, 18 May for a limited run of 9 show. 

For more information and to get your tickets please visit: 

You can check out our short teaser from one of our rehearsal:

When the quarantine started, the ODC Ensemble was in the middle of rehearsals for a physical performance. The show involved women artists from Greece, Sweden and Italy, along with the participation of feminist and LGBTQI organizations. We decided to continue rehearsing as a gesture of solidarity and support to the theatre professionals that were forced to unemployment. Furthermore, the hard conditions of seclusion, highlighted the importance of presence, visibility and connection.  As we continued working on the digital platform Zoom, we realized that we had the potential to expand the visibility and outreach of the project to communities of women from all over the world. We are exploring the challenge of reaching further and of being more intimate talking about gender issues and domestic violence in unexpected broader contexts.

It would be great for us to also have the opportunity of exchanging ideas and feedback with the Eurogender members so that wecan improve our work and give power to the fight for freedom and equal rights.