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Participation in evaluation studies for EIGE's website (June-September 2017)

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Have you used EIGE's website or EuroGender before? Were you able to find what you needed? Would you like to give us your feedback on how to make our websites more friendly and accommodating to your needs?


By filling this form, you can volunteer to give your feedback and to contribute to an evaluation study of EIGE's online services, which will be carried out in cooperation with digital communications agency eWorx during summer and autumn 2017. We welcome input from all users, from policy makers to academics, from gender experts to engaged EU citizens, from the technologically advanced to occasional technology users.


You may choose to take part in telephone interviews, online testing sessions or workshops around your chosen topic(s). After submitting the form, eWorx will contact you to set the appointment for a time suitable to you.


Your feedback will remain completely anonymous and will be used to improve our websites and online services in the near future.


Thank you for your contribution!

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