EIGE's Gender Statistics Database: Data on Environment; Covid 19 and EU Funding

7 Dec '21 Tue 09:15 CEST12/07/2021 9:30pm EuroGender Online Discussion public EIGE's Gender Statistics Database: Data on Environment; Covid 19 and EU Funding Europe/Vilnius 12/07/2021 10:15am
7 Dec '21 Tue 20:30 CEST

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Good morning everyone and be very welcome to EIGE's 8th online discussion on the Gender Statistics Database.

I am Ligia Nobrega and will be facilitating the discussion this morning.

We will be holding an hybrid event this time with written comments and input from yourside and oral presentation with discussion through Microsoft Teams. 

If possible, please go to Read first tab to connect.

Best wishes to all

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You are welcome to drop your written comments here as well as on Teams platform

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Good morning all!

Please click here to join the meeting

See you all in Teams

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Dear all,

We just had the first part of our discussion with presentations from the Guest speakers and main findings of the new statistics.

Thanks for all those who participated.

Do feel free to share any further comments/input here as well

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Dear all,

Thank you for the fruitfull discussion this morning. As commented, find below links to the latest Data talks published through EIGE's Gender Statsitics Database page and the latest statistical briefs on Women in Politics and Women on Boards:




We hope to see you all during next Database event

Best wishes