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Hello. I am President of NGO about Gender Equalities and fighitng violence. We are startig a project about empowerment of women at work. Do you have any recent publication to suggest me about these themes?

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Hi Paola - please follow the link below to an IFC report that looked at businesses in Myanmar. The report is specific to the country and contexts, but there are useful insights that transcend contexts and might be of interest to you.


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I would like to start a discussion on the article published in the Financial Times on 7th November 2019 titled "How older women are trying to change the world"



The article suggests, that women aged 55 to 70 referred to as "older". It identifies a number of root causes for the "world still run by men"...however fails to include the women who stand by these "men".

It focuses on presenting us "dangerous" women. I think this is a very dangerous message to be sending to our "male" counterparts. We are not here to threaten their position. The message should be formulated strategically to offer strategic guidance on current issues. 

Presenting women as innovative thinkers offering solutions or methods, which men have not thought about. 

Thanks to technology (washing machines, dishwashers, cars, mobility, etc.) have the best opportunity (position) to lead interesting lives. The housework has been automated (dare to estimate 75 per cent) and it gives women who were historically tasked with arranging and completing these tasks the freedom to pursue other activities and interests. 

We are in the best position to take "mavericks" women and scale up and enable interesting lives for ourselves, including our basic biological function of being mothers, and sending the real message to young girls. I would like to ask for a study that would determine a healthy age range for women to have children, so they do not have to face the anxieties and complications associated with having children too late. 

Also to start sending a real message about  motherhood. I have seen interesting studies about how children of working mothers perform better than those raised by women solely devoted to mothering. I think it is time to start inserting some balance into the hysteria and what is becoming an obssession (before it is too late) with being a "perfect" mother. 

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@Paola Frezza: Harvard Business Review does a lot of research and publications on gender equality in the workplace.

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For those of you in/around Brussels on 21 November 2019, I share this message:

In the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, PES Women is organising its next Annual ConferenceRegister here to attend!; stay tuned and share your interest on social media: https://www.facebook.com/events/699394653904671/

Under the slogan Breaking the silence on online violence against women, we will highlight how women’s rights are being violated on a daily basis. Online violence against women needs stronger attention – it needs an effective strategy, so we can change minds, build political will, and create a comprehensive policy response. This conference will look at the current state of play and what more needs to be done to tackle online violence against women.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference,

The PES Women team

WHEN: 21 November, 13:30 – 18:00

WHERE: Square de Meeus 5, 1000 Brussels

Alexandrina Satnoianu

Dear Cheryl, many thanks for flagging gender equality-related events. These are of interest to the whole EuroGender community. If it is not too much to ask, please consider promoting any upcoming events on EuroGender too! You can easily do that by clicking +Create on the upper menu, then selecting - > Events. We further promote these events on our social media.

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Hi, our gender equality project group at Kyiv National Economic Universuty, Ukraine looks for partners, preferrably universties from EU member countries with established gender equalty policies, for a capacity building project (Erasmus KA2). We  would appreciate if you join our consortium as an expert in gender equality policies. If You are interested in this idea, please, let us know (our email is genius2018@kneu.edu.ua).

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Dear @Paola Frezza, @Cheryl Miller Van Dÿck, @Jana Novohradska, @Lina Kurchenko, @Amar Gokhale, please note that I have extended the duration of the online discussion until the end of 2020 and you can continue your dialogue. 

Please let me know at any time if you need my guidance or support. You can tag my name @Alexandrina Satnoianu, like I did, to draw my attention. 

Alexandrina (EuroGender Admin)

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Hello Paola: I´ve data of entrepreneurship on Basque Country, last year was the first time that gender was taken for this data. it´s in spanish, but I think you can order in english. You can find more information here: https://www.eustat.eus/estadisticas/tema_30/opt_1/ti_Directorio_de_activ.... Each time I see this numbres I cry...I can´t upload the dataset, beacause of the format, but I can send you to your address, if you want.

Congratulations for a good job

Alexandrina Satnoianu

Dear Pilar, please make sure you tag the name of the person you address the message to, so the respective EuroGender user receives a notification. Hi @Paola Frezza, the above message is for you :)

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@Alexandrina Satnoianu thanks I´ll do this way

Alexandrina Satnoianu

Many thanks, Pilar! I have realised you were not a member of the EWiD and that's why you were not able to tag other participants. I have added your user to the group so all is good now :)

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Dear Jana Novohradska,

Would it be possible to share again the FT Article as I do not have a FT subscirption and I could not read the whole article.

Many thanks.

Otherwise what you mentioned make sense but I would love to read the article first.




Good day everyone,


I have something that have bothered me for so long, one key reason I am here... I have lots of ladies (young and matured) that have given up on their creative self while others seem to have bought the lie of a woman's inability to be an influecial part of the digital world... These are but just a few that I can mention. I need your intellectual contributions. I hope this is a place to share  things such as this.


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Hello everyone on this platform. I'm a Nigerian who is a passionate about gender equality and protection of vulnerable people. I'm so happy to be a member of this platform. I hope we will all help ourselves in terms of learning materials and others. Thank you.

Best regards.

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Hello everyone, 

I am a newcomer at the eurogender. Does anyone know if I can create a survey in this webpage? I would like to upload one in relation to the economics of domestic violence... Please let me know if some one is aware of this or can give me ideas on how to release it on the web. Thanks! Espe


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Hi every one. I'm an Italian lawyer specializza in environmental law. As a con sequenze of Covid crisis in Italy and EU there are mano discussione and decisions taken by governments about Green Deal etc. But in my country there is a lack of awareness about gender policies as one of the Most important tools for changement. I'm interesse in Quality certificatIon for gender equality to be introduced in Italy where we have certification about equal salary.  I would like to implementate this tool.some suggestion? Nice to meet you Giulia Perri 

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Hello everyone! I am a newcomer in EuroGender. I just completed my masters degree in Literature which included Gender Studies as a six month course. What I learnt from this academic feminism helped me to analyze my society more vividly. Now in India everything is Gendered so much that I cannot even think of doing or not doing something just a a Human first. Our society is blocked with what we regard as "natural". Being a post-structuralist queer feminist (I regard myself as) I often wonder and go through different societies and their systems. I don't know how much can I contribute to a society. But I am moving to work as a teacher and a researcher. So knowing about tools and techniques from this forum of discussion where I can be in touch with so much variant ideas would be of great help. I recently joined a local NGO here named Sukhad Project and I would like to introduce ways so that as society can walk beyond gendering rituals. Thank you.

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I have a suggestion, we could do a research on how digital technology is contributing to the empowerment of women.

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Hello Eurogender. I am new here, and registered few days ago. Now i subscribed and i am so disappointed from yesterday. Here in Greece, a new show started, Big Brother. We haven't seen something like this for years.

As we may noticed these shows are little societies, mirror of our bigger outside. Yesterday they showed a 30year old man, talking openly, that he doesn't want to be around with gay men, fat women are not even women and that he has to make sex every day and if the girl does want he rapes! All these have been at live streaming. It has been a big issue here from yesterday. But I realised how people can accept even hearing such words. How this platform can help stop this show?

Thanks for reading.

I am happy being here!


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Hello everyone 

I would like to share that we people from this inovative and technique World there still lies in every corner of the domestic home the philosophy of patriarchy which is gaining it's roots but we as a people must promote a inovative initiative to control the notions of patriarchy

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so glad to join you ! have a great time.

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hello to all respectable members

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Very glad to be part of this network. Hello to you all!


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Hi everyone, I'm doing a PhD in Gender Studies. I'm interested in how and why the masculinization of computing (and ICT) started, if it's based on bias and stereotypes and how to reverse the gender gap we currently face. My goal is to understand how we can increase the number of women ICT professionals and involve more women in the industry. If you know of someone studying this issue or can recommend some papers I would sincerely appreciate you send me the details!