WEgate Annual Summit 2020

10 Dec '20 Thu 09:30 CEST12/10/2020 4:30pm Online public WEgate Annual Summit 2020 Europe/Brussels 12/10/2020 10:30am
10 Dec '20 Thu 15:30 CEST

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The WEgate Summit celebrates women’s leadership in driving economic growth and resilience, and brings forward our renewed commitment to develop the WEgate platform to become a reference point for the benefit of the WEgate Community.

For its first edition, the WEgate Summit goes fully virtual: one day of inspiring stories, shared ideas and experiences, and networking with amazing women entrepreneurs across Europe and beyond! 

The aim is to create a real community that joins forces to tackle business adversity and lay the foundations to a successful entrepreneurial journey for women across Europe. 

The WEgate Summit represents a unique opportunity to engage and contribute to shaping a social and economic environment that enable women’s potential fully and equally with men and promotes sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth.