UN World Data Forum

19 Oct '20 Mon 09:00 EEST10/21/2020 5:30pm public UN World Data Forum Europe/Vilnius 10/19/2020 9:00am
21 Oct '20 Wed 17:30 EEST

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The UN World Data Forum brings together:

  • data and statistical experts and users from governments,
  • civil society,
  • the private sector,
  • donor and philanthropic bodies,
  • international and regional agencies,
  • the geospatial community,
  • the media, academia, and professional bodies.

Data experts and users gather to spur data innovation, mobilize high-level political and financial support for data and build a pathway to better data for sustainable development.

A Virtual UN World Data Forum will be held on 19–21 October 2020.

The third UN World Data Forum will be hosted by the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland from 3 to 6 October 2021 in Bern. 

Our researcher Christina Fabre presents EIGE's data collection on intimate partner violence, rape, and femicide on 12 October in a pre-recorded session.

If you wish to attend the pre-recorded session, you need to register. The presentation you can find enclosed under the RESOURCES tab.