#ResponsibleTogether 2021: Anti-Racism Workshop

1 Dec '21 Wed 16:00 CEST12/01/2021 6:00pm Online public #ResponsibleTogether 2021: Anti-Racism Workshop Europe/Berlin 12/01/2021 5:00pm
1 Dec '21 Wed 17:00 CEST

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Do you want to explore your own discriminating behaviours and internalised biases? Do you want to start a process of change towards an anti-racist life? Do you want to learn how you can challenge other people's racism? Join our workshop!

The anti-racism workshop will provide an overall view on intersectionality, privilege and power dynamics with a specific focus on race. The session will also include several activities and discussions - participation in the conversations is optional. Our aim in this workshop is to provide you with a safe space for self-reflection that will leave you feeling informed, empowered and with the improved ability to spot your own and other people's biases. We look forward to seeing you there!

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