Release of the Gender Equality Index for Serbia 2021

20 Oct '21 Wed 09:00 CET10/20/2021 3:00pm Palace of Serbia, Belgrade + ONLINE public Release of the Gender Equality Index for Serbia 2021 Europe/Belgrade 10/20/2021 10:00am
20 Oct '21 Wed 14:00 CET

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Serbia releases its 3rd Gender Equality Index

Serbia’s Index score 2021 is 58.0 points, which shows continuous, albeit slow progress in improving gender equality. The country’s score has increased by 5.6 points since 2014, but remains below the EU average of 67.9 (EU Index edition 2020). Serbia has made the most progress in the domain of power, which has increased by a spectacular 18.5 points since the country started measuring gender equality. If progress continues at this pace, there will be full equality in the domain of power within 2.5 years. The progress in other domains was slower, with the domain of work increasing by 2.1 points, the domain of money by 0.6 points, and the domain of health by 0.7 points. However, the score in the domain of knowledge has decreased by 0.9 points since 2016.

The 2021 report also includes a thematic focus on digitalisation and analyses the situation of violence against women. A new set of indicators is presented so the value for the domain of violence can be calculated in future editions of the Index.

The presentation of the new Index Report will take place on Wednesday, 20 October, from 10:00 CET at the Palace of Serbia, Belgrade as well as online.

The Gender Equality Index for the Republic of Serbia 2021 report - available under 'Resources' tab

Serbia was the first country outside the European Union to calculate the Gender Equality Index and to launch it back in 2016. Already four EU candidate countries and potential candidates have calculated their Gender Equality Index with the support of EIGE under the Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) project ‘’Increased capacity of EU candidate countries and potential candidates to measure and monitor impact of gender equality policies (2018-2022)’’, funded by the European Commission.