Meeting on female genital mutilation

8 Mar '13 Fri 15:00 EET03/08/2013 5:00pm Novotel Vilnius public Meeting on female genital mutilation Europe/Athens 03/08/2013 3:00pm
8 Mar '13 Fri 17:00 EET

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In connection to the International Women's Day on the 8 March 2013 EIGE will organise a  meeting on female genital mutilation (FGM) in the frame of EIGE’s study to map the current situation and trends of FGM in the 27 EU Member States and Croatia. It is focusing on: good practices identified in the prevention, protection, prosecution, provision of services, partnership and prevalence.

The meeting will be dedicated to:

  • Presentation on the findings and good practises of the study
  • Presentation of the country’s fact sheets

Speakers: Virginija Langbakk (Director) and Jurgita Pečiūrienė (Gender Expert).