Kick-off meeting “Thematic network on gender mainstreaming”

26 Feb '19 Tue 08:30 EEST02/26/2019 4:30pm NOVOTEL VILNIUS CENTRE HOTEL public Kick-off meeting “Thematic network on gender mainstreaming” Europe/Vilnius 02/26/2019 8:30am
26 Feb '19 Tue 16:30 EEST

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The objective of the network is to support the integration of gender mainstreaming into policymaking processes by better connecting EIGE’s work with trends, priorities and political agendas on gender equality in the Member States.

Participation in the network and cooperation with EIGE will give the experts a possibility to benefit from and contribute to gender mainstreaming competence development in the European Union by exchanging experiences and expertise, participating in workshops, seminars and discussions and building up common approaches.

The network of gender mainstreaming practitioners will be a forum for exchange of a more up-to-date overview of the current state of knowledge on the existing programmes, projects, methods and tools of gender mainstreaming, as well as presentation of good practices in the Member States.

The first meeting will provide an oocasion to:

  • Inform and update the network members about national trends and developments;
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on EIGE’s work in the area of gender mainstreaming;
  • Present the results of the Study on "Gender budgeting:Mainstreaming gender into the EU budget and macroeconomic policy framework".
  • Check and assess the consistency and quality of information at national level collected by EIGE and suggest further national sources and references;
  • Provide in-depth information for each Member State on the available data of EIGE’s Index and Gender Statistics Database;
  • Present new elements of EIGE’s Platform on Gender Mainstreaming, which contains information by tools and policy areas, best practices in Member States, references to relevant materials and toolkits on different aspects of gender mainstreaming.
  • Participation is by invitation only.
  • Presentations will be made available at a later stage.