Journalists consultation meeting - Marseille

17 May '11 Tue 09:00 EEST05/17/2011 3:45pm public Journalists consultation meeting - Marseille Europe/Athens 05/17/2011 9:00am
17 May '11 Tue 15:45 EEST

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In order to collect expert advice from journalist and media experts for its Communications Strategy, EIGE is organising the Journalists consultation meetings.

The aim of the Journalist Consultation meeting in Marseille is to

  • present the main focus of EIGE’s current work with focus on reconciliation, providing an introduction on promoting a balance between working, family and personal life for both women and men
  • collect input to get gender equality on the European media agenda cross the member states.
  • get advise on how to formulate the EIGE's Communications Strategy.