Journalist Thematic Network, 2020 virtual meeting

20 Nov '20 Fri 10:15 EEST11/20/2020 4:15pm public Journalist Thematic Network, 2020 virtual meeting Europe/Vilnius 11/20/2020 10:15am
20 Nov '20 Fri 16:15 EEST

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During this virtual meeting, we will check in to see what’s been making the gender equality headlines in Europe during this turbulent year. We will present our latest research on the following topics:

·         The effects of Covid-19 on violence against women. We will share preliminary results from our forthcoming study.

·         Witness reporting of intimate partner violence. Our new study details the most effective approaches which encourage witness reporting in the EU member states. 

You will also get a sneak-peek at our forthcoming findings on unpaid care and the consequences for gender equality, especially for women’s labour market participation. We will discuss an upcoming project on anti-gender equality campaigns in the EU that we hope you could get involved with next year.

Our director, Carlien Scheele will also join the meeting.

Participation is by invitation only.