International Conference "Gender Differentiation in Media Industries"

14 Jun '18 Thu 10:0006/15/2018 6:30pm Faculty of Social Sciences public International Conference "Gender Differentiation in Media Industries" Europe/Ljubljana 06/14/2018 10:00am
15 Jun '18 Fri 18:30

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On 14 - 15 June, Peace Institute and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, will organize the international conference focusing on the processes of gender differentiation in the media industry.

Departing from the finding about the lack of suitable epistemologies and methods to adequately address gender differentiation in the media, the conference introduces theoretical starting points of the feminist political economy of communication which highlights the need for synergy of the macro, mezzo and micro levels of research or presumes structural and institutional analysis combined with the experiences of actors who work in the media industry or participate in it as consumers.

Aditionally, the conference introduces a feminist inclusive conceptualization of gender which studies gender relations by integrating the perspective of intersectionality through which it identifies the intertwinement of gender with ethnicity, sexuality etc. that produces discriminatory effects.