Gender-sensitive Parliaments Tool launch

6 Jun '18 Wed 10:0006/08/2018 6:00pm Women Political Leaders Summit 2018 public Gender-sensitive Parliaments Tool launch Europe/Vilnius 06/06/2018 10:00am
8 Jun '18 Fri 18:00

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Gender-sensitive Parliaments Tool is an online tool designed as a self-assessment exercise measuring gender sensitivity of the national parliaments of the EU Member States. 

Its objectives:

• to build competences of the public administration of the EU Member States in the area of gender equality, 

• to collect empirical data on participation of women and men in political decision-making and in particular on gendersensitivity in the parliaments.

Gender-sensitive Parliaments Tool will be launched during the Women Political Leaders - Global Forum event, taking place in Vilnius, on 6 - 8 June 2018.