EIGE Delegation to Latvia

24 Apr '18 Tue 09:00 EEST04/25/2018 6:00pm The Latvian School of Public Administration public EIGE Delegation to Latvia Europe/Riga 04/24/2018 9:00am
25 Apr '18 Wed 18:00 EEST

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On 24 - 25 April, EIGE will meet with gender equality stakeholders in Riga.

On 24 April, an open event with presentations and a panel discussion will be organised at The Latvian School of Public Administration. Bilateral meetings will take place on 25 April. 

EIGE will present methods and tools that Latvian colleagues could use to monitor and advance gender equality, such as the Gender Equality Index and Gender Mainstreaming Platform as well as its recent work in the areas of Gender-based Violence and Education

  • Agenda of the open event is available under the RESOURCES tab.

  • Presentations from the event will be available under the RESOURCES tab

  • Photographs are available under PHOTOS tab.