Consultation meeting on femicide

16 Jan '19 Wed 09:00 EEST01/17/2019 5:00pm European Institute for Gender Equality public Consultation meeting on femicide Europe/Vilnius 01/16/2019 9:00am
17 Jan '19 Thu 17:00 EEST

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The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), in line with the Strategic Programming Document 2018 - 2020, strives to support European Union Member States in improving administrative data collection and institutional responses to combating gender-based violence. As an identified area for improvement with critical importance for tackling gender-based violence, EIGE will conduct a study on femicide during 2019, focusing on classification and administrative data within the Member States.

Femicide is the extreme form of gender-based violence. It is a notably under-researched subject and a common definition of femicide does not exist. Femicide can take many forms and is often differentiated into types. Previously, EIGE has mapped the different types of femicide according to prevalence in Member State laws, whilst also formulating a statistical definition of femicide and corresponding indicator of intimate partner femicide.

Building upon EIGE’s previous work, the first day of the consultation meeting aims to contribute to EIGE’s future work on femicide, by focusing on the different types of femicide, administrative data collection within Member States, and the investigative procedure for identifying femicide within the criminal justice system. Participants will explore these topics and share examples of practice and methodology across the EU in order to narrow the scope of how femicide may be classified, and thereby tackled.

Experts' contribution is important for sharing data collection practices, which will aid EIGE in assessing the need and possibilities of expanding future work on femicide beyond intimate partner femicide. This consultation meeting will be driven by the commitment to strengthen the understanding of how gender must be considered in practices in the police and justice sectors, specifically for femicide.

The second day of the consultation meeting is dedicated to the work of the European Observatory on Femicide (EOF). The meeting will provide an opportunity to summarise the previous day’s results and discuss in detail the work that should be carried out by the EOF’s two thematic groups in 2019, focussing on the improvement of quantitative and qualitative data collection. 

    Participation is by invitation only.

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