20th Experts' Forum Meeting

12 Oct '17 Thu 10:0010/12/2017 5:30pm Hotel Thon Brussels City Centre public 20th Experts' Forum Meeting Europe/Brussels 10/12/2017 10:00am
12 Oct '17 Thu 17:30

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October 12 is an important day, for it marks the 20th meeting of the Experts' Forum! 

Many exciting discussions and group work will take place at the meeting - we will look at the Gender Equality Index results and plan for the activities in the Member States, we will discuss about gender equality and education, as well as what are the opportunities and challenges in digitalisation.

Also, we will have a special guest, Pavel Trantina, the President of the SOC section of the European Economic and Social Committee, joining us at the meeting!

Please find full agenda enclosed and available for download (Resources tab).

See you soon in Brussels!