About EuroGender

EuroGender is EIGE’s online cooperation and consultation hub that allows all its members to share knowledge and contribute to advancing gender equality in Europe and beyond.

EuroGender allows you / your organisation to:

  • Join EuroGender workspaces where virtual teams work together on gender equality  
  • Share your knowledge and engage with experts via online discussions
  • Check-out the latest gender related events and post yours
  • Engage with experts from around the world, anytime you want, from any device. You can search EuroGender members per country or areas of expertise in the community tab
  • Make your voice heard and fill in one of EIGE’s surveys!

Therefore, we invite you to make posts, create events, invite EuroGender members to attend your events - in short - take advantage of this communication tool built to serve gender equality.

To sum-up, we invite you to watch a 2-minute video presenting the new EuroGender and all its features mentioned above!

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We are looking forward to seeing you online!

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