"Centre for Women's Studies" Zagreb, Croatia

Dolac 8
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+385 1 4872406
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+385 918820986
+385 1 4872406

"Centre for Women's Studies" Zagreb, Croatia - CZS

Centar za ženske studije Zagreb

Centre for Women's Studies

Center for Women’s Studies * first interdisciplinary studies on women’s themes in Croatia * founded in 1995 by a group of feminist theorists and academics, peace activists and artists * meeting point for the academic discourse, artistic practice, activist engagement and support * creative environment for research and learning

Non-institutional Education and Research * educational programmes * feminist approach to education and learning * access to literature, information and documentation on women’s issues * research projects * supervision of women’s/gender studies work

Cultural Projects, Manifestations and Public Events * creation and implementation of cultural projects and manifestations * organization of international meetings and conferences * book promotions * debates on cultural policies *

Publishing and Library Activities *more than 30 published books *theoretical works of Croatian authors * feminist textbooks * feminist journal Treća * 3800 volumes and journals in a specialized women’s library

Public advocacy of gender equality policy, Women’s movement and Cooperation * monitoring of public policies related to women’s issues * advocacy * organizing round tables and debates * expert consultation * cooperation and networking with women’s groups in Croatia, South-Eastern Europe and the world 

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National, Regional/Local