New Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies

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“Think Gender, Think Critically!”

The Universities of Tampere and Turku launch a New Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies starting in 2017!

This interdisciplinary Master's degree in Gender Studies provides you with advanced training in the field of Gender Studies.  The Programme is aimed at both Finnish and international students with a variety of academic backgrounds and career plans.

It is built around the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality, bridging the divide between social sciences and arts and humanities. You will get to address the latest debates, using cutting-edge research from this exciting and growing area of study.

The curriculum incorporates local, cross-cultural and transnational emphases. It will encourage you to develop innovative, intersectional and interdisciplinary ways of expanding knowledge about gender and sexuality in global, local and historical contexts.

The scope and extent of this programme is unique as it combines the strengths and traditions of social sciences, humanities and art in a joint degree cooperation of two and teaching cooperation of three Finnish universities. The University of Turku and the University of Tampere, and Åbo Akademi University as teaching cooperation partner, incorporate three special research and teaching profiles of Gender Studies. This guarantees a wide, interdisciplinary expertise.

At the University of Tampere, the Master’s Degree Programme is part of the Global Society framework and its wide curriculum in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. The current research topics include gender and body; gendering practices in changing society; gender, nature and environment; gender in research and innovation; lesbian and queer studies; new materialism; and research on affects.

At the University of Turku, the Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies is organised in the Faculty of Humanities. Students also have the possibility to benefit from many other courses offered by the other programmes within the University. The main research areas are academic feminism, research on affects, new materialism, transgender studies.

Åbo Akademi University participates in teaching cooperation in the programme, while there is no admission in 2017. Gender Studies is located in the Faculty of Humanities, Psychology and Theology, and key research and teaching areas are post- and decoloniality, girlhood studies, feminist philosophy and diasporic art.

Application period: Application period: 1 Dec 2016 – 13 Jan 2017


Further information: (University of Tampere)!/korkeakoulu/ (University of Turku)