European promotion of the action by the Greek General Secretariat for Gender Equality on gender mainstreaming in film industry: Film Festival "50/50 - Gender Equality also in Cinema"

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Athens, 20-4-2017              To: - EIGE.
Dear Colleagues,
Following our fruitful cooperation,  I would like to inform you that the recent initiative by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE), i.e. the governmental organization in charge of equality between women and men in Greece, on gender mainstreaming in culture has gained a European and international recognition thanks to the WE-gate platform on the promotion of women's entrepreneurship, a promising project by the European Commission/DG Growth:
More specifically:
The GSGE, the Greek Film Archive and the WIFT GR (Women in Film and Television Greece) jointly organized a three-day film festival entitled "50/50: Gender Equality also in Cinema". The festival took place at the premises of the Greek Film Archive in Athens on 7-9/4/2017 with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Greece and the Swedish Film Institute.
The opening ceremony of the event was marked by a panel discussion on the female presence and creation in film industry with film professionals. Our Swedish guest was Ms Helen Ahlsson, Film Commissioner, Director and Producer.
The programme of the festival included the screening of the following five films:
1) Pure - by Lisa Langseth (produced by Helen Ahlsson - Sweden, 2010)
2) Armwrestler from Solitude - by Lisa Munthe and Helen Ahlsson (Sweden, 2004)
3) Lipstick Under My Burkha - by Alankrita Shrivastava (India, 2016)
4) League of Exotique Dancers - by Rama Rau (Canada, 2016)
5) Exotica, Erotica, etc. - by Evangelia Kranioti (Greece, 2015).
Here are the poster of the event and the press release issued by the GSGE in Greek:
i) poster with its vivid and sharp message associated with the glass ceiling in film industry globally:
ii) press release by the GSGE on 10/4/2017:
iii) article from a popular Greek news website on the cultural event with a photo including the Swedish guest (in the middle) accompanied by the Greek Secretary General for Gender Equality and a distinguished Greek female film director (the poster is seen on the back):
The competent GSGE Director for Development & Support of Policies on Gender Equality was in charge of the promotion of the event outside Greece. Under his own initiative and taking advantage of his active membership at the European Network on Women's Entrepreneurship (WES) at the European Commission, he contacted the WE-gate platform and made all the necessary arrangements for the promotion of the message of the cultural event within the European Union and beyond.
The Greek side expresses its deep appreciation to the efficient WE-gate team for the uploading on 13/4/2017.
In addition, it would be grateful if you informed your leadership and the officials of the competent administrative units accordingly for this event resulted from successful synergies among competent stakeholders in favour of gender equality.
Wishing you and all the members of your team the very best,    
  • Yours sincerely,
Dimosthenis TREMOS - dtremos@isotita.g