EIGE's Consultation meeting on good practices on women entrepreneurship - Athens 27/28 February 2014 - Resource Package

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Dear all
I am happy to share with you the main documents of the meeting.
The package includes:
1. All the presentations and papers;
2. The whole pack of practices with potential;
3. The set of selected Good Practices.

Please note that those resources are not yet meant for dissemination and I kindly ask you to share them but not to use them as our final results.
In the next weeks we will edit the official version of the report and we will upload the revised ad finalised version of the good practices.
Those ones will be suitable for dissemination and distribution and I kindly ask you to share them as much as you can among your networks.
To access and download the resources, use the link

I will keep you posted on forthcoming events, first of which is the Peer Review on 19/20 June, in Vilnius.
Should you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to meet you all soon.

Best regards