EIGE’s Gender Mainstreaming Platform is now online

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Dear RDC Partners,

I am very happy to inform you that EIGE’s Gender Mainstreaming Platform is now online: http://eige.europa.eu/gender-mainstreaming

The Platform has been designed to support policy makers in all fields and ensure that public interventions respond more effectively to the needs of all women and men, girls and boys. The Platform supports the EU’s goal to integrate a gender equality perspective into all EU policies, with the ultimate aim to bring Europe closer to gender equality.

EIGE’s gender mainstreaming platform offers practical information on how to incorporate a gender perspective in 19 fields ranging from transport to agriculture, energy to culture.  It covers the different stages of the policy cycle - from the design phase, right through to planning, implementation and evaluation.

How can the platform help you?

  • It provides information on many policy areas, presenting existing gender inequalities and details regarding current objectives and priorities at EU and international levels.
  • It features country specific information on each of the 28 EU Member States, outlining their progress in mainstreaming gender, as well as highlighting current good practices.
  • It offers a range of methods and tools that give practical step-by-step instructions on how to successfully incorporate a gender perspective into the policy/programme cycle - from gender budgeting, to gender monitoring and gender equality training. 
  • It provides a comprehensive literature review in all policy areas, country specific information and methods and tools for gender mainstreaming

Thank you in advance for spreading the word to your networks. We will also be covering the launch in Facebook and Twitter, so please share the message!

We hope you find our communication material useful!

Access the Gender Mainstreaming Platform here

Read the news alert here

Read the leaflet here