Re: FWC Communications LOT 3 - Audio-video services

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Dear @Pomilio Blumm Srl. 2 thank you for the delivery, it's ok to wait a bit more and get a good result. Here are our comments, we would really like to have the next version on Monday:

  1. First slide the, text should be “How is GENDER EQUALITY in the EU”
  2. 0:27: No head explosion at  – put this graphic (the pie chart) in the middle of the man and woman which appear at 0:20, text (EIGE monitors gender equality in the European Union and the Member States) changes below, can win a few seconds
  3. 0:31: Make time series bar less steep, more horizontal. Now there seems to be good progress
  4. LOWEST SCORE (for Greece)
  5.  01:05: the text should be without the “:” at the first line. Also, to remove the 2nd line as the same text appears at the closure
  6.  01:14-01:19: the domains should appear with this sequence: work, money, knowledge, time, power, health. Violence should appear last and NOT connected with a line to the circle.
  7. 1:33: Check font sizes of intersections, they seem diffeent now
  8. 1:33: Connector of intersections should not cover domain circles in the graphic 
  9. Leave two more second the score of power (01:47)
  10. At the board table, it should be from 1 yellow chair to 3 and not to 5
  11. Remove the subdomains of power. It seems too much information (01:57-02:16)
  12. Stress the word “Time” at the slide of 02:20
  13. 2:24: The text should be "more men have time for social activities" .
  14. 2:24: First show the text and then show the people becoming white (show the statistics). Both for women and men, the people should become white from the left side.
  15. 2:29: The text should be "while more women do housework" with same style of animation in the presentation of the statistics (how people become white)
  16. We understand you will overall improve the transitions correct ? The last one specifically needs work, and more time on the screen (2:34)