Online discussion on gender statistics for policy-makers

23 May '17 Tue 11:00
24 May '17 Wed 00:59

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Thank you everyone for a very interesting discussion and day!

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Thank you for joining us. If you would like to give us feedback regarding this online discussion please fill-in a short survey available here:!kb48MF

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Thank you once again for your participation and your invaluable comments. There will be more opportunities for us to meet in this space to discuss the database further.

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Thank you very much again and have a nice rest of the day!

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Tomorrow will be uploading the transcript of the online discussion and in a couple of weeks the analytical report.

If you wish to remain connected to EIGE's Gender Statistics Database & contribute to its development, request to become members to the Workspace for EIGE's Gender Statistics Database here.

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Thank you so much for joining us today! Your insights and recommendations are valuable input for us in order to keep EIGE's Gender Statistics Database an up-to-date, useful and relevant tool for its users. Have a nice evening everyone!

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Thanks Alexandrina, that is wonderful. Thank you all. Sarah

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Thank you everybody for the very insightful comments and great contribution provided. It was with great pleasure that we shared this discussion with such an interesting group. As you are aware, EIGE is committed on keeping the relevance of its database which requires improvement and adjustments to emerging needs on an ongoing basis. Without this constant dialogue, none of this would be possible

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Thank you - there are some interesting and valuable comments (some in replies later, which I only saw when scrolling back). And thank you for the opportunity to benefit from this session.

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Hello! Nice to see all these posts, I hope I can add some valuable information of my own.

I seem to be very late to the discussion. I just wanted to share a lecture in which an esteemed professor summarizes some gender statistics and differences between men and women.

I am hoping that this information will aid policy makers who come up with different ways to teach boys and girls in our education system since it's clear that boys seem to want a more kinetic and competition orieanted approach. This is especially important since boys and young men have been falling behind women education wise for dozens of years and there has been no effort to make changes to the education system for this disparity to be fixed.

Different career choices between the sexes aren't a social construct but instead something biological as evidenced by Nordic countries where egalitarian principles have been enforced for a long time and has resulted in more women choosing professions classically associated with feminine traits and more men going for what is considered classically masculine. It would seem that if you remove all social pressures for the sexes to choose one profession or another, the biological differences between men and women actually magnify (since there are no other variables) and you have a society that is more divided than before. A paradox of equality policies.