Online Discussion on current developments at EIGE for EU candidate and potential candidate countries

17 Oct '14 Fri 10:00
17 Oct '14 Fri 18:00

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Good afternoon everybody! Indeed i am EuroGender Administrator and member of the Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC) Team.

I will start by briefly introducing you with RDC. EIGE’s Resource and Documentation is composed of three pillars: e-library, EIGE Knowledge Centre and Eurogender

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The e - library  offers  quick and easy online access to more than 244 000 resources on gender equality. They have been collected in all Member States and at EU leve – through the partners that RDC has – and they include policy documents, online resources, books, articles, research, studies and EIGE’s specialised databases

The EIGE knowledge centre is comprised of  EIGE  gender statistics, research, methods, tools and good practices that have been processed and produced by the European Institute for Gender Equality and easily accessible through its databases and publications.

The European Network on Gender Equality – in short, EuroGender -is EIGE’s main consultation platform, a an online collaborative space to discuss and exchange expertise and newest information on gender equality in the EU.

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Is there a big demand on the resource centre and how do you let people know about this resource?

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But it is equally true that we are receiving more tailor-made requests from members of EP, national Machineries for our RDC Experts to perform searches and inform them of existing resources on particular topics. For example: Gender Mainstreaming Tools and Methods for Youth Policies.

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Great and what plans do you have in this field for next year?

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Since I am EuroGender administrator, I would like also to introduce it a bit.

EuroGender is EIGE’s main consultation platform as well as a collaboration platform that allows all its 10.000 users to exchange resources, knowledge and good practices on gender equality. It bridges decision-makers, practitioners, researchers and experts from all EU Member States and institutions.

EuroGender allows you/your institution to:

    - access reports of previous online discussions  or register to take part in the upcoming ones. The online discussions are organised in connection with EIGE’s work, on various gender equality topics, for example: Guidelines for Gender Training (25 September), Men and Gender Equality (11-12 September), Beijing+20 (14 October), EIGE updates for IPA countries (17 October), Communicating gender (12 November), Communicating Gender Statistics - (13 November). You can check all other gender-related events listed on EuroGender calendar here;

    - find partners for projects and connect with gender experts from all over the world via stakeholders’ directory;

    - easily update the EuroGender community on your work (publications, films, photographs, etc) and post news on gender equality developments in your country;

    - promote your gender equality projects using EuroGender tools, including workspaces, opinion polls, surveys or organising your own online discussions;

-    Share, like, comment, engage and dialogue using social media tools.

Therefore, I invite you to upload news, events and take advantage of this communication channel built to serve gender equality. 

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That is an extensive resource. Any questions for Alexandrina on the resource and documentation centre or on eurogender?

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RDC plans to harvest even more resources from and with the use of its partners. EIGE will continue to feed its Knowledge Centre with studies and reports. Soon the 2015 Annual Work Programme will be adopted and uploaded on the website for whoever is interested to access EIGE's plans for next year. 

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Ok. We might close this final session now. Our thanks to Alexandrina Satnoianu for that information. Thank you for your contributions during the day as we explored the very broad range of resources developed by EIGE. It would be helpful if you would complete the evaluation form that is at the top right of this page. Thanks.

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We will be preparing a report on the discussions. This will be circulated to all participants and will be used to further spread this information about EIGE’s work and the resources developed by EIGE. 

Thanks again