Gender Equality Index 2017: Release in the Council of the EU (11 October, Brussels)

11 Oct '17 Wed 10:00
11 Oct '17 Wed 17:00

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On 11 October 2017, EIGE will release its 3rd edition of the Gender Equality Index!

Therefore, we will present our findings at a conference at the Council of Europe in Brussels. The event will be livestreamed and serves as a forum for around 300 decision-makers and practitioners to discuss recent trends and seek solutions to gender inequalities in the current political and economic context.

The new features of the third edition will include a more detailed analysis of the gender equality status for various groups of women and men. This ‘intersectional’ approach looks at factors beyond gender, such as age, disability and education.

What is more, it will provide new data for social power and health behaviour, not measured in previous editions due to a lack of suitable indicators.  

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