Consultation meeting "From Practices with Potential to Good Practices on Women and Poverty. Non-monetary measures to tackle women’s poverty and social exclusion"

10 Mar '16 Thu 09:00
11 Mar '16 Fri 12:45

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This meeting is organised within the framework of EIGE’s work on good practices.

The event represents a key step in EIGE’s approach to the assessment of good practices in gender mainstreaming, and the involvement of relevant stakeholders is a pillar of such an approach.

The aim of the study is to assess practices with potential that have been collected in the 28 EU Member States and then identify the good practices.

The expert meeting will provide an occasion to exchange and share reflections on experiences and approaches to tackle women’s poverty and social exclusion, with specific reference to non-monetary measures.

The meeting will focus on two different contexts: women at risk of in-work poverty and women with a migrant background.

This meeting will primarily target stakeholders and experts from the EU Member States involved in the development of projects, actions, initiatives and strategies which aim to consider the gender dimension of poverty and implement measures to tackle the problem and promote social inclusion.

The aim is to exchange reflections and experiences around the collected practices with potential and then to identify around 8 good practices which will be included in EIGE’s database.

Participants will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the assessment process, as well as to the development of further networking and dissemination of the results of the meeting.

Please note that participation in this expert meeting is by invitation only